The Course Concept

We are representatives of USabcd (Denmark) in South east Asia.
The USabcd courses are based on combined unique interactive e-learning with focused, structured, and comprehensive 1-day workshops of hands-on training. There is only revision of theory offered on the course day so as to maximize hands on experience. We have the same course concept that can easily be up-scaled and implemented worldwide.

Once registered for course By PICEU Foundation,we deliver the e-learning material with adequate time to read before workshop day. The workshop is a 1-day focused hands-on workshop consisting of typically three to six dedicated workstations. The instructors are skilled experts who have been working within their expert field of clinical ultrasound on a daily basis for several years. All workshops are carried out with just 4 participants per workstation and typically 20- 24 participants per workshop. The duration of a 1-day course is seven hours and concluded with a practical competence test.

Along with this if we are working with simulator there is ample time to sharpen the practical skills on the simulator. The Disease Module of the simulator offers unique opportunity to experience different diseases at the same time .

Please be aware that the e-learning is included in the course fee and you don't need to buy that separately.

  1. Pune TEE course. ( once a year) (2 days)
  2. Basic FATE course.( One day )
  3. Advanced FATE course.( One day )
  4. ECMO training course. ( One day )
  5. Airway course for practitioners (One day )
  6. MD/DNB examination preparation course. ( 2 days)
  7. Refresher course for anesthesia trainees. ( One day seminar with update of all guidelines and protocols )

  Prof .Erik Sloth
prof eric sloth

Upcoming Courses Schedule
6th Advanced Airway Course for Practitioners
Sunday August 11 2019
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Pune 411004
6th Advanced Airway Course 2019
Sunday August 11 2019
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital
5th Pune Transoesophageal Echo course
Friday April 15 2016
Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Pune
ECMO IACTA 2016 Chennai
Sunday February 14 2016
Simulator Based FATE course
Wednesday November 4 2015
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