The Golden FATE card is an effort towards propagation of the concept of POC ultrasound. Our plan is to conduct this competition every year.

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  • What is the competition?

    We invite all the intensivists and perioperative physicians in the world who use POC US to participate in this competition.We request them to send the best(or most exciting) clinical case from their practice to us. Our expert panel will evaluate the cases and choose the best amongst all the competitors. The winner will be awarded cash prize of 250 euros along with a GOLDEN FATE CARD. The prize will be accompanied by other exciting offers.

  • What is Golden FATE Unit of the year?

    This year we are introducing a new prize i.e. Golden FATE Unit of the year Prize . It will be given to the department which sends maximum number of cases. The prize will be given to the Unit head. It will be 200 euros.

  • Who can participate ?

    Any intensive care physician, anaesthetist who has received at least Basic FATE training. Other similar courses endorsed by local authorities will also be accepted to be eligible.

  • How to participate ?

    We have enclosed a registration form. Please follow the link and download the form. Fill it up,scan it and send it back to us along with your case.

  • What are the rules for sending the case and media?

    The participant should write a brief case history (not more than one A4 size) and attach it with the relevant ultrasonography loops. There should be not more than 10 loops & 10 images. Each loop should be approximately 5 Mb.The media and case must be anonymous.

  • How to send the media and case ?

    If the participant has "Hotmail" account, he should open onedrive account,form a folder named GFC (your name) and upload the media, case history and other documents like Reg. form in that folder. Once the folder is created,create a link and send us the link on For Google drive and Dropbox users, they should similarly create a folder in their respective accounts and send us the link or share the folder with us.

  • How do we know that the media and case has been received ?

    Once we receive the link, we will check if we can access the documents and media. We will do a trial run with your media. Once we are satisfied with your case/media, we will send you confirmation and advise you to go further with the payment of the entry fees.

  • Is there any entry fee ?

    If you have registered for IACTA 2018 there are no seperate entry fees else EURO (seven) 7 / INR 500 ( Five Hundred)

  • How do I pay the entry fee?

    Once we send you the confirmation and request to go ahead with the payment. There is a payment gateway available (How to Pay). You can pay by credit/ debit card. You can also do a bank transfer.

  • What are the other eligibility criteria ?

    Apart from the documented evidence of Basic FATE training or similar, the participant must produce a recommendation letter from the head of their unit. Please get the bottom half of the registration form signed by the head of the unit and attach it with other documents.

  • What is the documented evidence of basic FATE training ?

    If the participant has taken Basic FATE training, please provide copy of course completion.

  • Which other courses are accepted to become eligible for the competition?

    Any ultrasonography course endorsed by the local authority (e.g FICE,HAART,WINFOCUS etc) will be accepted by the competition organisers. The participant must provide the course completion certificate.

  • How is the evaluation done?

    The deadline for registration is 7 January 2018. Once the cases are received, we will make three copies of them. One copy will be sent to each of our elite expert panel. The panel will asses independently all the cases and give points. The point system has been developed by the organisers. Once all three examiners return their results, we will take the average of all three to decide the participant with maximum average points who will be the GOLDEN FATE CARD WINNER. In case of tie, organisers including Prof. Sloth will evaluate the cases and choose the final winner.

  • When will the result be announced?

    We will declare the results latest by 20 January 2018

  • What is the prize ?

    The first winner will get a cash prize of 250 euros. This will be accompanied by the GOLDEN FATE CARD plaque. The second winner will get 150 euros. The winners will also get free entry to advanced FATE course (at location suitable to him/her). The winner will also get free access to simulator training on simulator lab in Pune, Maharashtra, India for two days.

  • What is Golden FATE Unit of the year ?

    This year we are introducing a new prize i.e. Golden FATE Unit of the year Prize . It will be given to the department which sends maximum number of cases. The prize will be given to the Unit head . It will be 150 euros.

  • Where will the prize be given?

    We will hold the prize distribution ceremony in the IACTA conference to be held in Hyderabad in Feb 2018. The participant will be felicitated by the chairman of the IACTA organizing committee.

  • What if the winner cannot attend the prize distribution ceremony?

    We will declare the result in the ceremony. The winning case and the FATE loops will be presented during the function.We will transfer the award money to winners account and send the GOLDEN FATE CARD to the winners address.

  • Can the other offers be used if the winner can not attend the prize distribution ceremony?

    Yes, the offers can be used even if the winner cannot attend the ceremony.

  • Can the offers transferred to some other person?

    No,we would restrict the offers to the winner. Organizer can, however, give dispensation for the winner who already has completed the advanced FATE training. In that case the offer can be transferred to some other person.