In last decade, ultrasonography(USG)has crossed the boundaries of radiology and cardiology deaprtments and its use in anesthesia, intensive care, emergency care including prehospital settings has shown an exponential rise. It has undoubtedly created an irreplaceable position in various elective and emergency clinical situations due to its vital and lifesaving role as bedside investigation (Point of care:POC) for early diagnosis and treatment.

With advancing technology, machines are becoming more handy and user friendly. So with increasing use of USG, expertise in ultrasonography has become a necessity rather than luxury. Supervised hands on training and opportunity to practice till perfection, unquestionably has a pivotal role in developing confidence in successful performance of ultrasonography examination. This can lead to perfect image assisted diagnosis.

PICEU foundation offers deep understanding of theoretical aspects of the core elements of ultrasonography and echocardiography through the state of art e-learning courses. The e-learning is followed by supervised hands on training.This is robustly supported by the most modern echocardiography simulator that has normal and pathology modules and which also helps to practice echocardiography till perfection and till satisfaction.