We are a group of cardiothoracic anaesthetists and surgeons  motivated for improvement in the emergency related health care services. Our primary motive is to create uniform standard of expertise in the emergency related specialities like anaesthesiology,intensive care,emergency care including prehospital management.

Accurate and timely diagnosis opens the path of appropriate treatment. Ultrasonography has indisputably proved it's superiority in good medical practice.We intend to imbibe ultrasonography skills in all emergency health care providers in order to make it as the basic standard of care. We have deep inclination to provide the best and latest evidence based knowledge, skills and expertise in all possible clinical situations. PICEU foundation has international association with well known organisations with same aims, objectives and ideologies.

We aim to prepare those candidates who are aspiring for national and international echocardiography certificate examinations through our nationally and internationally qualified supervisors, TEE & TTE simulator supported by free question bank which includes MCQs and mock / practice exams.

PICEU foundation extends it's expertise of training in perioperative and critical care medicine by conducting various other workshops like airway management, USG regional blocks, ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), hemodynamic monitoring, and bronchoscopy. ECMO has been emerging as a life saving therapeutic tool. The ECMO workshop include hands on training  and real life scenarios on simulator along with comprehensive theoretical sessions and interactive case based practical sessions.

Founder Members
Dr. Desurkar Vinayak
Dr. Bhavsar Rajesh
Dr. Margale Swaroop
Dr. Mulay Anvay
Dr. Hardikar Ashutosh
Dr. Vinayak Karmarkar